From Chaos to Order: How to Organize Your Home with PoleHooks

If you are feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered and ugly wire shelf, just know that you are not alone, and it is possible to take back control! It's time to clean out your drawers, cabinets and storage bins for easy, neat and safe organization in every room of the house. This guide will show you how to use shelving and PoleHooks to maximize space, keep things organized, and find what you need in a flash.

PoleHook Potential

Metro shelves and similar wire shelving have poles for stability. This is exactly why we created PoleHooks! Our selection of hooks can be hung directly on the poles. They're perfect for hanging tools, cleaning supplies, or even spools of wire. The grip is extremely strong, yet easy to remove when it’s time to reorganize. 


How to Clean up that Garage or Workshop

Create designated zones. Divide shelves using shelf liners or wire risers to create sections for specific items. This helps prevent clutter and makes it easier to find what you need. You can attach appropriate PoleHooks to match with the items on a specific shelf. For example, if you have a shelf full of tools, but you use a hammer the most, you can attach a J-Hook next to that shelf to hang the hammer. Or maybe a tool belt on a Utility Hanger. Anything that coils like a hose, cable or wire is perfectly at home on a PoleHook.

Get a Handle on Those Toys and Organize Your Playroom

For little ones with big toys, keep it low. Larger, heavier things should be accessible without the need for kids to pull them off of a shelf that’s high up. Store these items on the bottom shelf and hang buckets of blocks or trucks on a PoleHook right at kid level. A 4 Inch All Purpose hook will allow for very quick, easy and safe removal. 

Sports Gear on the Floor No More

Kids love to try out different sports. All of that equipment adds up and most of it ends up on the floor - in the garage, in the living room, bedrooms and everywhere else. Racquets, gloves, helmets, and pads easily fit onto PoleHooks. Air out smelly shoes, hang jerseys and swim goggles. The most perfect match we have found so far is a Multi Use C-Hook to hang a skateboard. This is a problem that has been perplexing parents for decades!

Open Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Fear. Destroy Kitchen Clutter!

Over time, kitchen cabinets tend to fill up in a less than ideal fashion. Pots and pans get crammed in beyond capacity. This tends to have an avalanche effect for the next unsuspecting person who opens it up looking for a cooking vessel! Wire shelving can be a great way to get frequently used items out in the open, and prevent heavy pots and pans from falling on anyone’s toes. A 2 Inch All Purpose hook is great for a frying pan with a handle or a hangable utensil. A larger pot could fit perfectly on a Utility Hanger for easy and safe access. You can even use a PoleHook to hang stackable plastic storage containers, right next to the lids on the shelf.


Another benefit to wire shelving in the kitchen is that it is a great place to store awkward sized appliances like blenders, food processors, mixers and slow cookers. Extra accessories for these appliances can fit onto PoleHooks so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. They work great in commercial kitchens as well!

We like to think that there is a PoleHook for everything, because there pretty much is! Try out some of our ideas and let us know how it works out. Feel free to share your ideas and PoleHooks success stories as well!

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