Wholesale Opportunities

PoleHooks are an excellent and fun way to boost customer satisfaction by unlocking storage options with endless applications. Contact us to become a partner.

What PoleHooks can provide for your customers:

  • More free counter and floor space!
  • Accident prevention.
  • Fostering a more efficient workflow.
  • Increased visibility, even from across the room. 
  • What they need is kept at eye level and within easy reach. This is a time saver! 
  • A variety of hook styles inspire tailored organizational systems for any space.

Where PoleHooks are needed:

  • Warehouse organization - production facilities, distribution centers, garages or any commercial facility or workspace where safety and efficiency are paramount.
  • Restaurants - Speed and accessibility are what all restaurants need. These hooks provide both and they are NSF approved.
  • Retail - Easily incorporated into on-floor merchandising, bringing attention to featured items. Indispensable in the back room.
  • Offices - Extension cords, tools, cleaning supplies and everything else that gets lost in the daily grind can now have a home.
  • Residential Use - Home improvement and organization efforts have never been more popular than they are right now! Permanent storage and project planning have never been easier.

PoleHooks Wholesale